Curry On A Stick Brush

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This new curry comb has been specially designed to make massaging,  grooming & bathing easier and much more effective. Our husband and wife team, Jeff and Sharon, worked studiously in developing, designing, testing and perfecting the details of the brush for over two years. Having reviewed every available curry on the market, we are confident that this is the best brush out there in terms of design, construction, durability and performance.

What is Curry on a Stik?

✔️ A Professional Massage/Grooming/Bathing Tool

✔️ Decreases Shedding - Increases Coat Health - removes stagnation - increases circulation 

✔️ Easy Clean Up - Simply Rinse Or Wash 

✔️ Ergonomically designed for ease of use with the arthritic or nerve effected hands - Patent Pending Design!

✔️ For Quick Grooming, or intensive therapeutic massage sessions - providing an aid in early detection of soreness & injuries

✔️ Created with Design, Durability, Quality, Performance & Affordability in mind

✔️ Easy to Carry - Safe & Effective For use by All Ages!

✔️ Veterinarian Tested & Approved by Chi Institute Instructor Dr. John Langlois!