Get The Facts


Veterinarian Approved

Farm Life Blend are veterinarian approved. We regularly work with veterinarians in the development, testing and evaluation of our Farm Life Blends.

It is important to understand however that not all veterinarians are totally familiar with the benefits of the raw diet for dogs and cats. Unfortunately most Veterinarian Colleges offer few if any of their course curriculum in animal nutrition and rather focus primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems. Once detected the normal protocol is treatment through pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures.

It is a proven fact that over 90% of all disease in animals has to do with a poor diet. Our approach is preventive believing that given a proper nutritional foundation the body is best suited to prevent and heal most medical conditions.

Concerned About Salmonella, E-Coli and Parasites?

The digestive system of dogs and cats are much shorter and far more acidic than that of humans and are well prepared to handle bacteria. This is why dogs and cats are not as susceptible to salmonella, e-coli and parasites in the same way as humans.

Bacteria is not a problem for a pet with a strong immune system

Is Feeding Raw More Expensive?

In order to answer this we must first ask “More Expensive in Comparison to What?”.

Most commercial pet foods available in Grocery and Pet “Super Stores” are focused on price, attractive point of sale packaging and catchy marketing phrases to capture our attention. Most of these pet foods contain a substantial amount of fillers, grains and dyes to enhance their color and appearance. Many of the commercially available raw food diets for pet are made from scraps, trimmings discarded from human grade products. All of this is done to achieve a lower price point or higher profit margins.

We generally find that in comparison to high quality kibble or canned foods, feeding raw is not much more expensive than the way you feed today. In addition due to a healthier diet you will generally find that your pet will require fewer expensive appointments with the vet which is an important factor to be considered.

Read the Label!

When shopping for pet food for your dog or cat read the label the same way you would for your own food:

  • Which Ingredients have the highest % ranking.
  • Are they high quality food ingredients or fillers?
  • Are there high percentages of grains included?
  • Are food colors, dyes or artificial preservatives added to the food?




Do I Need to Add Nutritional or Dietary Supplements?

The answer to this depends on a number of factors specific to your pets breed, age and certain other medical or health issues: Here is a brief overview of a few of the additional supplements you may want to consider:

  • Digestive Enzyme - Assists in the digestion, absorption and of all nutrients
  • Multi Vitamin - Consists of high quality herbs, vitamins and essential nutrients required for optimal health
  • Calcium - Added to Farm Life Blends not containing crushed bone
  • Omega Fatty Acid - Added for healthy skin and coat

Specialized Supplements and Tinctures

The following is a partial listing of a few of the more popular supplements and tinctures available to address your pets specialized needs:

  • Tranquility Blend - Intended as a calming agent in cases of acute anxiety
  • Senior Blend - A whole body, mind and spirit tonic for older cats and dogs
  • Detox Blend - A balanced tonic formula used to assist the pets body during cases of allergy, systemic imbalance, liver dysfunction or excess toxicity
  • Tinkle Tonic - Addresses urinary tract issues in dogs and cats
  • Vitality Blend - Helps the body cope with sudden changes and stressful events
  • Constitutional Blend - Works quickly to detoxify the body and aid in the elimination of waste