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Farm Life Blends Daily Feeding Calculator

Not sure about how much to feed your pet daily? Generally 2% to 3% of their total body weight is correct for most dogs and cats. Very young pets may need a bit more, while older or less active pets may require less. These are only general guidelines as different pets have different needs.


1. Enter your pet's weight here: pounds
2. Enter the appropriate feeding percentage* here:
See table below for percentages
3. Press Calculate button to find out how much to feed and order.

How much to feed
Amount to feed pet daily (pounds): pounds per day
Amount to feed pet daily (ounces): ounces per day
Amount to feed pet each meal for twice-daily feeding (ounces): ounces per meal

How much to order for this pet for a week
1-lb Meat OR 2-lb Meat OR 5-lb Meat

Feeding Percentages
2.0 % For weight loss or sedentary dogs
2.5 % Maintain Weight
3.0 % For slight weight gain
3.5 % For significant weight gain
4.0 % Growing Puppies/Kittens
4.5 - 10 % For very young puppies/kittens


Other "Food" for thought

Dogs & Cats need protein - Vegetarian Diets are for Humans - Dogs and Cats are Carnivores!


Pet Foods that Contain a Large Amount of Grain Offer Little Nutrition!

Just look at a commercially-fed pet's poop. It's almost as big coming out as it went in. Your pet's digestive tract is only 1/3 the size of humans, and is not suited for processing grains.


Many Commercial Dog Foods Contain A Significant Amount of Fillers!

Your pet needs protein not Peanut shells!


Foods That are Bad for You are Probably Bad for Your Pet.