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Dogs & Cats Are Carnivores

We begin by understanding that your pet’s physiology is very different than humans. By nature they are carnivores and their bodies are designed to eat and process meats. The primary differences fall into three main areas:

Your Pets Teeth - Their teeth are made for ripping and tearing not chewing! They chew their food just enough to gulp down large chunks and do not finely chew their food.

Short Intestinal Tract - The small intestinal tract on dogs and cats are short to enable the food to quickly pass through their body. The intestinal tract on your pet is only 1/3 the length of humans. The short intestinal tract is not designed to process grains and break down complex foods.

Acidic Digestive System - Dogs and Cats have a highly acidic digestive system. These acidic digestive juices are what do all of the work and are well designed to process raw meats. Carnivore digestive systems cannot make large quantities of the enzymes required to properly break down, digest and utilize grains and carbohydrates. The high levels of acidity also prevent your pet from being susceptible to salmonella, e-coli and other bacteria problematic to humans and normally associated with raw meats.

Why Add Vegetables and Fruits

In nature carnivores would get predigested vegetables and fruits after capturing an herbivore that had already digested the vegetation.

Proper Nutrition is the Foundation for Health

A key part of our core philosophy is that proper nutrition, the way that nature intended, will provide the foundation for your pet’s heath. The body is well suited for dealing with and preventing health problems given the right nutritional foundation.

While we cannot change the genetics of your pet that have been impacted by generations of breeding and the environment in which they live - We do have the ability for good nutrition that will help to prevent many common ailments and health conditions.

Unlike humans your pet has no choice in their diet options and is totally reliant upon their owner to make correct choices. Unfortunately commercial pet food options are often based merely on price or convenience of the owner.

“The Doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet & in the causes of disease”

- Thomas Edison


All Pet Food Is Not Created Equal

Unfortunately all pet food is not created equal. Most of the commercially available pet food has one or more of the following issues that is not in the best interest of your pet:

  • Includes Grains, Fillers, Dyes, Sugars or other by products that are not in your pets best interest. Read the label and see what the ingredient mix & percentage weighting really are in the food your purchasing!
  • Many frozen raw pet foods utilize inferior trim cuts, excess fats or other secondary quality ingredients to keep the price low.
  • Is cooked, sterilized or pasteurized killing off all of the beneficial enzymes & “live” food ingredients which are essential for digesting food, providing cellular energy, repairing tissues organs & cells for optimal health

Pet Food with A Point of View

We know your busy & don’t have time to either prepare your own food or think about what the best balance of ingredients will be for your pet.

At Farm Life Blends preparing the “Best in Class” food for you dog and cat is all we think about and do every day. Each of our specialty diet is formulated with a point of view! Each ingredient is chosen with a purpose in mind & is designed to address specific health issues for your pet companion.

The ingredients are always the best and freshest that we can find. We will never sacrifice quality for price.

Proper Nutrition is the Foundation for Health

We stock over 11 different blends ranging from Chicken, Turkey & Beef blends to other exotic choices such as Buffalo & exclusive Farm Life Specialty Blends.

The products are packaged in one, two or four pound deli containers 

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