Jax n Daisy Flea n Tick Shampoo 16oz

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Jax n Daisy’s Flea n Tick Shampoo is a herbal formula that does not contain Pyrethrins or other harmful chemicals. It kills Ticks, Fleas, their eggs and their larvae on contact.This shampoo is not only safe for adult dogs but also safe to use on puppies 8 weeks and older. Our product has a very light herbal aroma. It is gentle on the coat and skin while freeing your pet of those bothersome fleas and ticks. It is infused with Vitamin E oil to condition the skin, leaving it soft and shiny. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, it uses powerful natural ingredients that are safe for you and your pet.

This product will not work on skin dermatitis and other skin issues. 

This products is made for the purpose of killing fleas and ticks.  

This product is not safe for Cats.